Dronesec Services

Penetration Testing

Your organisation is thinking of using drones to improve human safety, decrease tedious manhours and take your business to the skies. Excellent, you’re joining thousands in the Real Estate, Mining, Construction, Postal, Hospitality, Military, Film, Agriculture, Sport, Photography….industries joining the revolution.

We know you just want to jump right in. We want to help. Drones are prone to many of the attacks computer systems and networks suffer today. They can be hacked into, hijacked, stolen and even used to steal IP and business secrets.

Whether your drones are commercial or custom, we can test them. Our hackers will test your drones for weaknesses and show you how to protect them against the threats that exist today, and will exist tomorrow.

Forensics And Incident Response

When an incident occurs, our experts can quickly identify key evidence items to create a timeline of events, track down the operators and even identify location-based insights.

We combine physical and digital forensics to retrieve artefacts’ that provide insights into incidents involving both friendly and hostile drones.

Our team has hands-on experience with a wide range of custom and commercial off-the-shelf drones, and go beyond the technology to identify physical locations, flight paths and attributes related to the case.

Drone Security Management Program

Any organisation utilising drones for business-powered applications needs to have end-to-end security management for their drone program.

From securing the Development Life Cycle to protecting the drones in the air, to securing and ensuring robust software, our consultants specialise in baking security in from the very beginning.

We cover the things you don’t want to have to worry about. Data Security. Storage Encryption. Secure Communications. Private video streaming. Configuration and Hardening of the drones.

If that doesn’t cover your growing drone program needs, we can also help you with Incident Response playbooks and preparation, and help secure vendor or third-party software and privacy controls used for your drones.

Aerial Threat Simulations

Drones can fly in the clouds, and hover down the roads in close-proximity airspace. It’s this type of flexible environment access that positions them as a threat to major events and traditional secure environments.

DroneSec has tracked and observed thousands of drone-bourne attacks from across the globe for the last two years. We understand the risk they pose, and how they might threaten your event, asset or environment.

Consider our bespoke arial threat exercise which simulates an airborne threat while guiding you to the right detection, response and mitigation capacities for scenarios tailored to your unique situation.

Training Programs

A tailored program covering the landscape, threat, market and future of drone security. Find out how drones are affected by various cyber and kinetic security threats, the threats they pose themselves and how to counter them.

Our trainers have backgrounds in cyber security, UAV's and counter-terrorism operations. With global experience, you'll get straight-to-the-point, expert classes with tailored courses and hands-on practical examples.